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e x1200 ati radeon

I have a Satellite 215 A4747 laptop with Vista, which has the Radeon x1200 video card. Now it may be the fact that I installed the 64 bit version. I'm having ATI radeon x1200, but the problem is that, I'm not able to find the correct video driver for installation. I tried installing CCC from ATI. e radeon x 6600 ati radeon x800 pro ati x ati radeon x1200 . e radeon ati radeon x ati radeon x1200 .

So I installed Windows 8 on my laptop today and so far it's okay but it's using the basic driver for Windows 8 and I need to find an actual driver. , APU Radeon. Jun 25, 2007 Radeon display driver 8.383; Multimedia Center 9.16; HydraVision on systems containing an ATI Radeon X1200/1250 series of product.

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