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/ Minecraft? : , PvP . Edit: Just opened the map and I'm flying in the sky with a spawner in my This is completely optional, but if the spawn is too much of an issue. 6 days ago When making a Superflat world, the Player will spawn on the 3;minecraft: bedrock,2 minecraft:dirt,minecraft:grass;1;village Comes with 7 presets: Classic Flat, Tunnelers' Dream, Water World, Overworld, Snowy Kingdom, Bottomless Pit (Broken in this version), and Desert. A map of a superflat world. Spawn. 2014-03-16_121312. Curse Facebook Twitter Youtube Newsletter Sign In Register Careers Help About Curse Advertise Terms of Service.

Jan 5, 2016 The plot, dialogue, and setting of this minecraft map is NOT based off of You start off on Old Kepler's Farm about to leave for the Kingdom. -, , , . Jan 22, 2014 The Minecraft Kingdom of Cial. The map is a server spawn at the moment( my server spawn) so there is the reason why you guys can't.

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