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chdk canon a480

CHDK (Canon Hacker's Development Kit) CHDK . : CHDK . : - . Canon Powershot S5 IS P-ID:3148 PAL D. Firmware ver GM1.01B No error. Jun 14 2007 20:11:19. .

Jun 3, 2010 CHDK is an alternative firmware for some Canon cameras. It provides access to lots of cool features that are found only on high end SLR. Jun 12, 2009 A few caveats: CHDK only works for the Canon PowerShot line of to automatically format your memory card and install the CHDK software. This file tells your camera to display the firmware version number so that you'll. Feb 21, 2016 Canon PowerShot A480 Camera CHDK Firmware 1.4.1 Rev.4416 To install CHDK on your Canon P&S camera, you need to know the model. 20 2011 . CHDK - , . PowerShot A480 . Canon Powershot What is CHDK? Canon Hack Development Kit Temporary No permanent changes are made to the. (2010 03 28) The A480 1.00B port is in the trunk now : Download page (thx ewavr !) The basics: how to install and use the CHDK firmware.

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